A new name for Spotify HiFi may eventually appear: Supremium

In chilly, bleak February 2021, Spotify unveiled a new tier called Spotify HiFi, promising higher quality, lossless audio.

Years have come and gone, and Spotify has largely remained silent on the topic, occasionally hinting that this upscale tier would arrive “in the future,” which, in the realm of potentially endless time, is a rather vague timeline.

However, recent information has surfaced regarding the impending tier, which will apparently bear the name Spotify Supremium.

According to tech luminary Chris Messina, renowned for inventing the hashtag, the new tier is set to be priced at $19.99 per month and will introduce an array of novel features. These encompass 24-bit lossless audio, 20-30 hours of audiobook content, listening statistics akin to those offered by Last.fm, AI-driven playlist creation tools, advanced playlist mixing capabilities, and something intriguingly labeled as “your sound capsule.”

While all these features hold appeal, the standout aspect here is the lossless audio, initially promised with Spotify HiFi, which now appears to be defunct as a brand. Several of Spotify’s primary rivals, including Tidal, Apple Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited, have already integrated lossless audio offerings in varying forms.

Most of the information shared by Messina is not entirely novel; a Reddit user had unearthed it earlier while delving into Spotify’s code, disclosing their findings in September. This earlier post provides even more details about the service, such as Spotify’s assurance that its lossless audio will not suffer from lag or delays. It also highlights a fresh feature named Soundcheck, designed to analyze listening habits and uncover a sound blend that is “uniquely you.”

Messina did share the logo for the upcoming service, which features Spotify’s familiar “three stripes” emblem positioned beside the word “Supremium.”

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