ScottyTheAi Going Multi-chain, in Efforts to Complete the Blockchain Takeover.

Scotty launching on SOL

London, England, 4th July 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, In a bid to enhance visibility and market appeal to traders, ScottyTheAi has started embracing the multichain expansion.  SCOTTY will hold its highly anticipated private sale for the current 12,300ScottyTheAi Holders, that will be followed by a public presale prior to launching on the Solana Chain.ScottyTheAi SOL will have a max of 1.25Bil tokens where 30% will be available through private and public presale, 15% CEX & listings, 15% community rewards / p2e game, 10% partnerships, 10% marketing, and 20% staking.  Once these are gone no more will be available.  SCOTTY launched first on the ETH network gaining over 500% gains for early investors in presale.  Staking will also be available through a third-party staking company.  Having the multichain functionality will play a significant role in making Scotty poised for long-term sustainability & an increased holder base. We want to advise that Solana currently has a fake Scotty listed and we have no affiliation with it.  The alignment of ScottyTheAi SOL will be addressed on all official socials once completed and followed up with an updated press release and on the official website. CMC, and Coin Gecko profiles will be updated also.


Multiple partnerships have been signed and another large one is in the works.

Recent signed partnerships such as PrecipitateAI is a vital component of the ScottyAI ecosystem,specializing in predictive analytics using advanced AI algorithms.  This will help users make informed decisions in the cryptocurrency space by analyzing market trends and identifying opportunities.$XEROAI within the ScottyAI ecosystem enhances decentralized finance solutions, improving transactionefficiency and security.  It enables secure peer-to-peer transactions, smart contract executions, and liquidity provision, elevating user experience and decentralized financial services in ScottyAI.

Chainback guarantees data security through encryption and decentralized storage.  It protects userinformation on the blockchain, enhancing trust and transaction security.  Additionally, Chainback facilitates seamless and secure token swaps within ScottyAI, ensuring efficient and transparent exchange functionalities for users.

Quart AI enhances ScottyAI with advanced artificial intelligence for data analysis and forecasting.  Itempowers users with valuable insights, aiding decision-making in the digital finance realm.  Quart AI’s predictive analytics tools optimize strategies within ScottyAI, enabling users to maximize investment potential.

Xalpha in ScottyAI boosts investment strategies through advanced portfolio management, enabling users to optimize decisions and enhance investment efficiency in the cryptocurrency market.Finally, through advanced algorithms and machine learning, the AI Auditor may detect anomalies, prevent fraud, and provide real-time insights for secure and transparent real estate transactions on the Brickblock platform.

Launching on

With the highly anticipated planned launch on, a top 5 exchange, this will bring huge marketing and put ScottyTheAi in the eyes of many new investors. One can anticipate that crossing thismilestone and being on, yet another CEX along with (MEXC) can only mean bigger things to come soon.ScottyTheAi is currently listed on MEXC under $SCOTTYAI and on Bilaxy under $SCOTTY.

Scotty Dawg Pound P2E game on verge of launch

ScottyTheAI game combines innovative blockchain technology with engaging gameplay, offering players a secure and transparent player vs player gaming experience.  The integration of Scotty’s native cryptocurrency allows for in-game staking transactions, and rewards, creating a dynamic anddecentralized economy within the game’s ecosystem.Players have the chance to immerse themselves in a world where their decisions directly impact theirgameplay and potential rewards.  Unique and exciting blockchain-based gaming brings togetherentertainment and financial potential in a seamless and interactive environment.




Scotty McBark


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