The 5th World Nomad Games at the Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Leaders of several countries are gathering for a session of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which will be held in Astana. The 5th World Nomad Games were not left out of this important political event. In the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, where the official meetings of the summit are held, the Directorate for the preparation and holding of the 5th World Nomad Games has prepared an exhibition “Meeting in the Great Steppe” in order to present the Games to foreign guests.  Also, official promotional videos of the Games will be posted in the places where the SCO session will be held, and representatives of the Directorate will share information about the Games with foreign guests and organize special interviews for foreign media in a corner specially designed for presentations.

In addition, on July 5th, the Directorate for the preparation and holding of the 5th World Nomad Games will hold a presentation of the Games for foreign diplomats and journalists accredited at the SCO at the Qazaqstan athletics sports complex.

It is worth noting that the 5th World Nomad Games will be held on September 8-13.  More than 2,000 participants are expected to take part in the event.  The general sponsor of the 5th World Nomad Games is ALAGEUM ELECTRIC, and the main partner is Halyk Bank.  Athletes of the World Nomad Games held in Astana will compete for 97 sets of medals in 21 kinds of sports.    

Press Service of the Directorate for the Preparation and Holding of the 5th World Nomad Games

Nazym Rysbetova

8 701 208 18 11

Aiganym Mukatay

8 747 661 98 93

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