The B1COIN project, a new memecoin on the TON platform inspired by the dream of earning enough to buy a Lamborghini, is excited to announce the start of the public presale phase for the $B1COIN token. The public presale began on July 22, 2024.

Key Features of the B1COIN Project

The B1COIN project offers early investors a range of exclusive benefits, including a 15% bonus on the number of tokens at the listing price. An entire ecosystem is being developed around the memecoin, featuring an NFT collection, a gambling platform, and B1COIN Raffles.

“Regular giveaways, including a Lamborghini car which symbolizes success in the cryptocurrency world, are the core idea of our community and the foundation for the project’s success,” commented Viktor Lipsky, Co-founder of the B1COIN project.

Support and Trust

B1COIN was incubated by the cryptocurrency hedge fund Quantum Strategy, whose team has been active in the cryptocurrency market since 2017. The project specialists have participated in the development of advanced blockchain solutions, anonymous P2P utilities, and complex cross-platform banking solutions.

Unlike many other memecoins, the B1COIN team is open and transparent, featuring hedge fund owners with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency market. The project has already garnered support from The Open Network, MemeFi (with 22 million users), and tier 1 market maker on the TON blockchain, GotBit.

Benefits and Goals of the Project

The public sale of tokens marks a significant milestone for the project. As a community-driven token, $B1COIN empowers the community to make all crucial decisions affecting the project’s trajectory. This inclusive approach ensures that the community directly influences the project’s development.

The primary goal is to conduct regular, transparent, and fair Lamborghini car giveaways, irrespective of the participant’s location. The project aims to become the first memecoin in the TON ecosystem to achieve $1Bn market capitalization, potentially offering a 666x return for early investors.

Tokenomics and Distribution of Funds

The public presale allocates 35% of $B1COIN tokens, equivalent to $500,000, with an initial market capitalization of $1.5 million. Participants in the public round will receive a 15% bonus in project tokens as a token of gratitude for their early support.

Funds will be distributed as follows:

  • 35% Fairlaunch
  • 18.9% DEXs Listings
  • 14% Gaming Rewards
  • 12% Marketing and Partnerships
  • 8% CEX
  • 7% Team
  • 2% Airdrop
  • 2% Seed
  • 1.1% G.O.D. (Good Deeds Program: Donations and Charity)

Early community members, including NFT owners (with the collection to be released in Q3 2024), will participate in the distribution of profits from the gambling platform (up to 60%).

Market Prospects

The public sale of $B1COIN, which began on July 22, 2024, on the project’s official website, offers new investors a unique opportunity to become part of the future leading memecoin on the TON blockchain.

Preliminary market and project estimates suggest a potential capitalization exceeding $500 million in the current market cycle.

Company Name: B1COIN Project

Contact person: Viktor Lipsky

City and Country: Miami, USA


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