Samsung made significant waves at the Samsung Developer Conference 2023 (SDC23) with a series of exciting announcements. Among the most highly anticipated reveals was One UI 6, which represents the next phase in Samsung’s extensive software evolution.

Although the beta version of One UI 6 has been in circulation for some time, Samsung has now offered a tantalizing glimpse into what users can expect in the final release. One UI 6 is centered on enhancing the user experience, with a particular emphasis on transforming photo and video editing through intelligent features.

This fresh iteration introduces a redesigned Quick panel and app interfaces, accompanied by a brand-new typeface called One UI Sans. However, there’s much more to discover.

The Gallery, powered by advanced AI capabilities like Photo Remaster and Object Eraser, will analyze your photos and provide suggestions for image enhancement. A notable addition is the Samsung Studio, a multi-layer video editor that empowers users to seamlessly integrate text, stickers, and music into their video projects.

Samsung also reaffirmed its commitment to Tizen, the Linux-based open-source operating system. The company is breathing new life into Tizen by extending its integration into household appliances with larger screens, such as ovens and washing machines. To complement this expansion, Samsung has introduced a Tizen SDK featuring an advanced 2D and 3D combined graphics engine.

In the realm of health and wellness, Samsung is broadening its horizons. Samsung Health is evolving into a comprehensive digital health ecosystem, opening access to the BioActive sensor on Galaxy smartwatches for third-party developers through the Samsung Privileged Health SDK.

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