‘The Masked Singer’ reveals the Pickle’s Identity: Meet the Star Hidden Under the Mask

Michael Rapaport made his singing debut on “The Masked Singer” and was unveiled as the Pickle in the latest episode of the hit Fox unscripted series.

Rapaport, who sang Weezer’s “Beverly Hills” this week, had never sung in public before. Despite his initial nervousness, he embraced the opportunity and was thrilled with his performance.

He shared, “I was nervous about it. I have never sung publicly before. I am not a singer. I’m not a dancer. But the world soon found out that I have the voice of an angel. My singing and my voice brings tears of joy. And I had a lot of fun doing the show. I came to win. Unfortunately, I didn’t win this season, but you know the impression of the Pickle will live on forever!”

Rapaport managed to keep his identity hidden on the show, and none of the judges correctly guessed that he was the Pickle.

As for the future, Rapaport revealed he was preparing a disco number for the next round had he continued on the show. He took the competition seriously and had a great time participating.

In addition to his appearance on “The Masked Singer,” Rapaport is currently touring with his comedy show across the country.

“The Masked Singer” this season features a new format with three groups followed by Battle Royale semi-final episodes. The season also includes the return of Wild Card contestants, and there are themed episodes to look forward to.

The show is hosted by Nick Cannon, with panelists Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Robin Thicke.

Rapaport’s appearance on the show adds to the list of unmasked celebrities in Season 10, which includes Tom Sandoval as Diver, Anthony Anderson as Rubber Ducky, and Demi Lovato as Anonymouse, among others.


Song: “Cry Me A River,” by Justin Timberlake

Panel guesses: Ne-Yo, Taye Diggs, Mario

Clue: Brought out by Kate Flannery. “Moooosical.” “The 2000s were really good to me. So much in fact, that I got to star in a musical.”

Package voiceover: “I am so over the moon after last week’s performance. And I am psyched to be here for the 2000s night, because that’s the decade that it all started for me. My friends and I decided to pack up a van and head to the Capitol Records building in Hollywood, determined to get a record deal. We pulled into the parking lot and started performing on top of the van, convinced we would get signed. Instead, security kicked us off the property. But we kept coming back, every single day. While we didn’t make it then, today my picture hangs in the Capitol Records hall, and the bigwigs see me all the time. Now that the group finals is in sight, I’m bringing that same determination because one thing is for sure: This cow isn’t coming home any time soon. Moo!”

Previous songs: “Bones,” by Imagine Dragons; “Treasure,” by Bruno Mars

Previous panel guesses: Shawn Stockman, Usher, Leslie Odom, Jr., Trey Songs, Ne-Yo, Mario, Nelly, Jason Derulo


Song: “Lucky,” by Britney Spears

Panel guesses: Mandy Moore, Hillary Duff, Ashley Tisdale

Clue: Presented by Kate Flannery (“The Office”). DVD of “Gazelle’z Love Story.” “The 2000s are a special time for me because it was when I had my film debut.”

Package voiceover: “I love this costume. I have to tell you, the first time I saw it, I started crying. Deer are really meaningful to me, because they’re a symbol of someone I loved and lost. It happened just a few weeks before my wedding. One of the most important people in the world to my husband and I passed away unexpectedly. We somehow carried on with the wedding, but it was all a blur. Except during our vows. When suddenly rain came pouring down on us. It was magical. We knew then that our loved one was there with us. When I put on the Gazelle mask, I carry his adventurous spirit with me, and I know he’s part of the secret to my success here.”

Previous song: “Uninvited,” by Alanis Morrisette; “The One That Got Away,” by Katy Perry

Previous panel guesses: Camila Mendes, Lucy Hale, Vanessa Hudgens, Leighton Meester, Constance Wu, Auli’i Cravalho


Song: “Hey There Delilah,” by Plain White Ts

Panel guesses: Jordan Knight, James Marsden, Rob Thomas, Ashley Parker Angel

Clue: Presented by Lance Bass. “S’more Bros 2000 Tour.” “2000s were a busy time for me. I was busy touring with my bros.”

Package voiceover: “Boy, you keep wanting s’more of me, don’t you! I’m just so stoked to be here on 2000s night — my decade, baby! Hanging out on the set of TRL, my music videos playing on MTV. And most importantly, the birth of my child. Learning to be a dad while touring the world has been intense. At a certain point I realized I wanted my kid to have a constant supportive father figure in their life. So, I took a step back from performing so that I could stay in one place. Now, being on stage once again feels extra special because they get to see me back in my element. I’m so proud to be their dad, and I hope they’re proud of me tonight.”

Previous songs: “Slow Hands,” by Niall Horan; “Moves Like Jagger,” by Maroon 5

Previous panel guesses: Joey McIntyre, Justin Guarini, Kevin Richardson, JC Chasez, Kevin Richardson, Simu Liu


Song: “Beverly Hills,” by Weezer

Panel guesses: Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Joel McHale

Clue: Presented by Lance Bass. Pickles with wigs, which says “Friends.” “I’ve done so many things for so many years, and people always associate me with my famous friends.”

Package voiceover: “OMG, I can’t believe I made it to 2000s night! But while I may have this big smile plastered on my face, I’ve got a salty side too. So, it feels fitting to be on here during 2000s night. The decade when Internet beef was born. Look, I’m outspoken. And I’ve gotten into a few fights you may have heard about. I’ve butted heads with NBA players, Real Housewives, award-winning directors, bloggers, movie stars, even entire online publications. Having a public feud really is performance art that I’ve perfected. But, I’m always open to reconciliation. I’ve even rekindled friendships with some of my former adversaries. So, my advice to anyone who wants to pickle a fight with me tonight: Take a chill pill.”

Previous song: “Pinball Wizard,” by the Who

Previous panel guesses: Craig Kilborn, Dax Shepard, Conan O’Brien, Howard Stern

“The Masked Singer” is produced by Fox Alternative Entertainment, with James Breen (who is also showrunner), Craig Plestis and Cannon as executive producers.

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