The new “HyperOS” from Xiaomi will run its smartphones and other devices

Similar to Huawei’s development of HarmonyOS as an Android alternative, Xiaomi is set to make a similar strategic move to strengthen its ecosystem, especially in anticipation of its electric car’s launch in the first half of the next year.

Termed “HyperOS,” this replacement for MIUI is expected to be a fusion of Android and Xiaomi’s proprietary “Vela” system. It boasts a “completely overhauled foundational architecture” that aims to facilitate seamless connectivity among users, vehicles, and a wide range of smart home devices spanning over 200 product categories. It’s a reasonable assumption that Xiaomi’s electric car will also feature HyperOS, putting it in direct competition with Huawei’s Aito line of electric vehicles.

In a Weibo post, CEO Lei Jun revealed that development work on HyperOS began as far back as 2017. The objective was to create “a unified, integrated system framework capable of supporting the entire ecosystem of devices and applications.” Lei also announced that this new platform would make its debut on the upcoming Xiaomi 14 series smartphones, which are reportedly in production, although he refrained from providing a specific launch date (although rumors suggest it might be at the end of this month). Furthermore, when asked about the potential international availability of HyperOS for Xiaomi’s product line, Lei offered a tantalizing “stay tuned” response. So, we’ll have to wait and see.

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