According to reports, Instagram is testing a custom sticker tool

Reports indicate that Instagram is currently in the testing phase of a novel custom sticker tool, enabling users to integrate the subject of a photo into an entirely new image.

According to reports, Instagram’s chief, Adam Mosseri, showcased the new sticker function in a video posted on his broadcast channel. This tool will apparently empower Instagram users to pick the subject of a photo, extract it from its background, and subsequently position it as a regular sticker within their story or reel posts.

The tool is said to have the capability to create custom stickers from photos saved on users’ phones, as well as from any “eligible images encounter on Instagram.” As highlighted by Engadget, this suggests that users might be able to fashion stickers from others’ content, although there will likely be an option to opt out of this.

Instagram’s proposed custom sticker feature bears resemblance to the sticker functionality introduced by Apple in iOS 16 last year, which already permits the addition of personalized stickers to Instagram posts. Even creating stickers from another person’s content is feasible through the mechanism of screenshots.

Nonetheless, the potential ability to generate stickers directly from others’ images on Instagram would streamline the process to some extent.

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