Apple releases an updated iPad 10 with support for eSIM in China

Today, Apple unveiled an enhanced version of its 10th-generation iPad with eSIM support specifically designed for mainland China. This new iteration of the iPad is set to be available for pre-order in mainland China, beginning on October 19, and is scheduled for release on October 25.

For eSIM functionality in mainland China, China Unicom stands as the sole supported carrier, as outlined in a recent Apple support document. To utilize eSIM features in mainland China, you’ll need the 10th-generation iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) with the model number A3162. It’s essential to note that other iPad and iPhone models do not offer eSIM support in mainland China.

Apple’s support document provides comprehensive instructions on configuring an eSIM for the updated 10th-generation iPad in mainland China. It also explains how to activate eSIM cellular data plans from international carriers while traveling, facilitating a convenient and SIM card-free approach to accessing cellular services.

Easily put, an eSIM serves as a digital SIM card, enabling users to activate a cellular plan without the need for a physical nano-SIM card.

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