YouTube will launch stable volume, You tab, humming song search, and more

YouTube is unveiling an array of updates and design changes, building on last year’s significant redesign that introduced a black dark theme and Ambient Mode. These new features will be rolled out over the next few weeks.

On the video player, the mobile app will introduce “Stable volume,” which aims to reduce abrupt volume changes. This feature is enabled by default and can be accessed by tapping the settings gear icon, followed by “Additional settings.” The update starts today.

When seeking within videos, YouTube will offer larger preview thumbnails. There’s also a convenient way to cancel a scrub by moving your finger back to the starting point and lifting it when you feel a vibration. Additionally, holding the player while watching in full-screen or portrait mode will automatically increase playback speed to 2x. Once you reach the desired part of the video, simply release. This feature will be available on web, tablets, and mobile devices.

The update includes a feature that allows you to lock the video player screen to prevent accidental taps. To unlock it, you’ll need to hold down a specific part of the window, accessible from the settings menu.

For the mobile and web video page, the “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons will now sparkle with a ring animation when creators prompt viewers to take action. Subsequently, when users interact with these buttons, they’ll be rewarded with a subtle explosion of playful sparkles. Top comments will automatically rotate to ensure users can read the best community commentary. Additionally, new video uploads will feature an animation that updates view and like counts in real time for the first 24 hours, giving viewers insights into the engagement levels.

YouTube is also merging the Library and account page into a “You” tab. This tab will provide access to your previously watched videos, playlists, downloads, purchases, and account-related settings and channel information. It is available today on web and mobile.

YouTube is introducing a feature that allows users to search for songs by singing, humming, or playing a clip, utilizing AI to match the sound with the original recording. Google Search offers a similar capability, and this feature will roll out to Android in the coming weeks.

Finally, YouTube on smart TVs will feature a vertical menu, providing quicker access to video chapters, descriptions, and comments by tapping the video title.

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