Adobe Releases New Photoshop and Premiere Tools Powered by AI

Adobe has introduced the 2024 versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, featuring a range of new AI-powered tools designed to enhance the efficiency of these photo and video editing platforms.

Adobe’s latest AI capabilities are supported by the new Sensei AI platform. In Photoshop, a new feature has been incorporated, enabling automatic removal, editing, or replacement of objects and backgrounds within an image. Furthermore, the AI-driven tools offer a variety of automated smart fixes, including the enhancement of subjects’ skin to achieve a “smooth, natural look.” Additionally, users can explore new Artistic Effects options inspired by famous artworks or popular styles to transform their images.

In the case of Premiere, Adobe’s AI technology will automatically generate highlight reels, drawing viewers in by focusing on motion, close-ups, and the highest-quality footage.

Beyond the AI enhancements, Adobe has introduced a range of standard updates for both platforms. Photoshop users can access new color and tone presets, photo reels, guided edits, and one-click editing features, including blurring, smoothing, dehazing, and colorization functions. Premiere users will benefit from new audio effects, such as reverb, along with a multitude of editing tutorials.

Both Photoshop Elements 2024 and Premiere Elements 2024 are available for purchase on Adobe’s webstore.

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